Akasha Magick

​​Welcome to Akasha Magick!

Thank-you for taking the time to visit my website. I hope you will find it a place of wisdom,

love and a guide to all things magickal and divine. 

My name is Carrie Brewer and I live in Melbourne, Australia.  

I am a Wife, Mother, Motivational Speaker, Psychic Medium, and Witch who has been gifted

with the ability to have visions of the future and receive messages from loved ones that have

passed over. 

My readings are magickal and will guide you to an understanding of yourself and what you are experiencing in your life. They will inspire you to live your life to its fullest potential with joyful abundance and renewed confidence.

I believe that within us all there is a yearning to experience magick and enlightenment. This is why I created Akasha Magick, a gorgeous sacred place of wares, knowledge and healing to inspire love, laughter and a connection to the magick around and within you.

I am a witch and to me this means I am one who embraces wisdom, freedom and a connection with the earth, sun, stars, moon and all things divine. I believe that spells are a way to connect with clarity, truth and will. A way to create sacred energy around an intention, to step outside of the everyday humdrum and see the world sprinkled with stardust and infused with fascination.

Akasha Magick welcomes everyone and all cultures, for the moon shines for everyone and the Earth is our home.

Over my life I have sought guidance from many divine sources. But the only place I feel truly alive and well is in nature. Walking in the bush, swimming in the ocean, walking barefoot and experiencing the energy of the fauna and flora surrounding us.  

When I looked into the craft more, the beliefs and acceptance within it, I fell in love with its non-judgmental and earthly heart. It is a spiritual home where I can express myself freely and truly be myself. Dancing naked in the forest is accepted. (GRIN)

I have always believed in magick. I am fascinated with all magickal traditions and the history of it all.

When I was living in Scotland I made my own runes from the fallen branch of a birch tree and cleansed them in a nearby stream. It was such a divine earthly healing process for me. Spending time out in nature, creating and giving thanks for this gift which was so small yet so big to me, this is when I felt truly alive and I knew I was a witch.

The next full moon I dedicated myself to fully immersing myself in the love and light within me and upholding my respect for the earth and the God and Goddess within. An it harm none, do what ye will.

I read the tarot, crystal ball, runes, receive visions, work with angels, crystals, essential oils and interpret dreams. My familiars are the horse and wolf.  

I align my heart to the old religion, the wonder of Nature.​ I am at your service. Here to guide you.

​If your divine intuition is telling you we should meet, pleaseCONTACT ME. 

I look forward to connecting with you.

May you walk in Love and Light!

Carrie Brewer